Scuba Crap


Scuba Crap is the brainchild of a Scuba Instructor and dive store owner who became disheartened with the amount of people he came into contact with who “got a deal” on scuba equipment only to find that the cost of repairing it and bringing it up to speed was almost as much as buying new gear. Scuba Crap was created with the understanding that there is a lot of good scuba equipment sitting on shelves and in garages wasting away when it could be serviced and inspected by trained personnel and given a new home. Scuba Crap is a website that allows people to get rid of the scuba gear that they have lying around and exchange it for something more useful. Scuba Crap is most beneficial to divers who want to trade-in their gear.

Scuba diving is the dream of many people. Many people get certified but aren’t sure where their diving path will take them. They start with one set of gear only to find they are heading in a different direction and need something different. There are no two ways about it, scuba diving is an equipment intensive sport. As a result, even people with a passing interest in diving accumulate a lot of dive equipment. Scuba Crap gives divers an opportunity to do something constructive with the gear they are no longer using.


The Evaluation

When a piece of equipment is sent to us, Scuba Crap professionals inspect the equipment carefully to judge the serviceablilty and continued life of the item. Whatever it is we will evaluate it against realistic, time-proven criteria in today's market. We cannot give you more than a rough guess of the value of an item prior to seeing it. Once a value determination is made we will give you two offers, one for "sell" and one for "trade." Our trade offers are typically higher since we do not have to wait for an item to sell prior to recouping our investment. If you decide not to take an offer, we will ship the item(s) back to you at OUR expense. There are guidelines you should be aware of however. If a piece of gear is really old, or you are going to spend a lot to ship it to us, it is oftentimes best to drop us an email with a heads up. Also, if you are only sending Snorkeling equipment or wetsuit stuff you should probably email us in advance. Most of the time we are still interested in it but we want to make sure we understand your expectations.

The Inspection

At Scuba Crap our biggest beef with online sellers of used (and sometimes new) gear is that if it is serviced, (sometimes its not) it is then allowed to sit on a shelf for a long time, sometimes years. Most manufacturers recommend servicing your scuba gear every year whether it is used or not. In our listings we are clear about whether or not an item should be inspected prior to use. Most of our customers have requested to have their local dive shops service the equipment to save money. At Scuba Crap we put new aquisitions through a rigorous insection following manufacturers guidelines and then put them in "long term" storage mode to keep the parts fresh. Once you purchase an Item, they go through another inspection based on their length of time on the shelf. If you wish us to service the equipment prior to sending it to you instead of having it done at your own shop, we will do that with a few days notice. Once completed, It comes to you complete with a limited warranty.

Our Warranty

Scuba Crap warranties every purchase for a period of 90 days. We even reimburse you for shipping if it is a problem that we missed. Our philosphy is simple, we want you happy and diving. With used equipment, even with the most careful inspection, things sometimes happens that we cannot forsee. If we indicated that it was serviced at our facility when you purchased it, Our warranty allows for free servicing of any problems within 90 days of the date of purchase. This gives you time to take it diving and make sure you are happy with your purchase. We also offer you the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty if 90 days is not enough time for you.

Our Parent Company

Divers Incorporated is our parent company. In business for over 40 years, they are able to service every major brand of scuba equipment in production today. A strong company with a history of rebuilding scuba gear to exacting standards. Scuba Crap is a service branch of Divers Incorporated providing quality used equipment to divers through an online portal.