Scuba Crap


Donating your scuba gear helps in many ways

We understand that you have gear that you may never use again and that you would like it to go to a good cause. Donate your gear to us, whatever the condition, and we will refurbish it. When it sells, we donate the profits to a scuba related charity. You get to feel good that your gear is going to continue to be used while helping a good cause as well. We have partnerships that give us many opportunities to help worthy causes related to scuba diving. If you have a charity that you would like to support, let us know when you donate your gear and we will send the profits to them when your item sells. Along with helping many charities, your donation helps the environment as well. Recycling is a big thing these days but what we are doing with your equipment is better. REUSE is better for the environment since it has little impact and your equipment is used for its intended purpose. REUSE gives people an opportunity to afford quality products that they may not be able to afford otherwise. If we find an item is past its life, we recycle it and dispose of it in manner that is environmentally friendly.

Processing your Donation

Download the Donation form

In the USEFUL STUFF section above, download the PDF form for your donation. Fill out the form completely and sign that you understand the agreement you have with us about the transfer of ownership of your gear.


Box up your gear and ship it to the address on the form. We are not able to reimburse you for shipping, we will however donate the amount you paid for shipping as to one of the charities regardless of the selling price of your item.

Evaluation and Inspection

Our professional staff carefully evaluates your donation and decides its disposition. In most cases, items are refurbished, rebuilt and inspected and readied for sale on our website.

The Donation

When your item sells, the profits from the sale are donated to one of the organizations we support. When it is possible, the donation is given in your name. If you wish to donate anonymously that is possible too. Just indicate your preference on the donation form. If the item is not purchased within an alotted period of time it is disposed of or given to non scuba charities.