Scuba Crap


Trade in your item for something better

We give you a generous trade-in allowance on your scuba gear allowing you to upgrade it to something you may find more useful. Send us your unused scuba gear, we will evaluate it and give you a credit you can use in our online store. Look in your dive locker for stuff you aren't using and let us help you get something "new to you!" No matter what it is, we will evaluate it and give you a value for it. You can decide if the value is right for you and decide whether to accept the offer or not. Rest assured, our trade offers are typically higher since we do not have to wait for an item to sell prior to recouping our investment. You will be able to look over anything in our inventory and use your trade in allowance to make a purchase.

Processing your TRADE

Download the Trade form

In the USEFUL STUFF section above, download the PDF form for your sale entitled SELL/TRADE FORM. Read the entire page then Fill out the form completely. Fill out the contact information clearly and ask a friend if your email address is legible. List the inventory you want us to evaluate and sign that you understand the agreement you have with us about the transfer of ownership of your gear once an offer is made and accepted.


Box up your gear and ship it to the address on the form. We are not able to reimburse you for shipping, we will however ship your items back to you at OUR expense if we are not able to reach an agreement on price. If the item is valuable we suggest that you insure it since we cannot be responsible for what the shipper does. If your box will cost more than $50 to ship, please email us and make sure you are sending stuff that we can resell. Sometimes people send us items that we cannot use.

Evaluation and Inspection

Our professional staff carefully evaluates your item(s) and decides what it will take to bring it up to useable, saleable condition. The value of an item is carefully considered against realistic, proven sale prices in today's market. We are not able to give you a value for an item prior to us recieving and inspecting it. If you want a rough estimate, send us an email.

The Offer

Once a value determination is made, we will email you two offers. One for "Sell" and one for "trade." You have a reasonable amount of time to decide how you want us to handle the transaction. "Trade" pricing is often times a good guess of what your item is worth once we overhaul it. The "Sell" price is oftentimes less since we will not recoup our costs as quickly.

Closing the Deal

If the Trade offer is accepted, we will post a credit to your account which you are able to use in our online store or our eBay Store. If the Sell offer is chosen the money is transferred to your PAYPAL Account. If you do not have a PAY PAL account a check can be mailed to you. Checks are typically cut and mailed every two weeks, electronic transactions are done ASAP. If our offer is not acceptable to you, we will rebox your item and ship it back to you within two weeks. It is shipped in a manner that is most economical for us. We do not insure items on their return trip.